Kelly Wilkin

Owning a flower business was never something that I thought I would do. After fifteen years experience in retail, sales, management, and design I found myself happily married, a mother of two boys, and on a six year hiatus from the professional job market. As exhilarating as wiping noses and changing diapers is, my kids were growing up and I felt the Lord stirring a desire in my heart to create something of my own. Having a background in retail, I never imagined that I would find a new joy in flower design…until I did. Now you can just as easily find me cheering my sons on in some sport or activity as you can flowering for a large wedding or event at the University of Alabama. One of the biggest reasons that I love doing flowers for people is because it makes them feel that “they are cared for” and that “they matter.” I truly believe that the Lord gives you the desires of your heart and the last few years have been just that, however I am most excited to see where Kelly Wilkin Floral Creative goes from here.